Here at Staggered our editorial mission can be reduced to three little words:

Weddings. Blokes. Sorted.

From before the proposal to after the honeymoon, we bring you everything you need to know about weddings. Whether you’re the groom, the best man, the father of the bride or just a particularly hairy bride, we’re here for our readers.

We’ve got stag do ideas to make you the best best man and enough wedding competitions, free offers and discounts to keep you going for life.

So, if you’re looking for the sort of wedding advice that wins you Brownie Points from the lady in your life, guidance on wedding suits for men or wedding speeches, or how even some honeymoon ideas. Or you simply want to read something that makes you laugh: that’s what Staggered is all about.

As the UK’s leading online magazine for blokes and weddings it only seems sensible to give our readers a place to discuss things, so feel free to read or post on the forum and ask our panel of wedding experts for their help.

Our shop aims to bring you everything you need in the run up to your stag-do and wedding, all the essentials for the big day and some things to make the honeymoon and married life go more smoothly.

Our members get the best of everything – and what’s more they get it all for free. So join up and get your wedding plans on course.


Who is behind the site?

The Staggered team consists of writers, sub-editors and picture researchers from a number of national newspapers and magazines as well as a host of specialist advice from all sectors of the wedding industry. For good measure we’ve also got some stand-up comedians and a baker. No one knows what we need a baker for. The main “players” are:

Coming Soon – Editor Staggered UK

Coming Soon – writers.

If you want to get in touch you can reach us by railway, you can reach us by trail way, you can reach us by airplane, you can reach us with your mind*. But having said all that it might be easier to email us: info@iamstaggered.com.

*You can’t reach us with your mind but you can email us.

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