Best Man

So you’re the best man, huh? We’re not going to lie to you – you’ve got one of the toughest jobs going when it comes to weddings. You’ve got to be funny, organised, sensitive, understanding, involved and above it all is the pressure to make it perfect for your mate – after all, the clue’s in the job title, you’re supposed to be the best man remember? Before anything else add your email in the box at the top of the page and then work your way through this little lot.

Wondering what your responsibilities are as best man? Worried you'll forget something? Check your best man duties here.
If you're worried about your best man speech then you need to get yourself onto our page about best man and wedding speeches an if you would like some help with your speech, check out our brilliant professional wedding speechwriters.
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Sort your wedding wear and wedding suits for men here. We can even get your socks sorted.
Stuck on what to get the bride and groom? We've got a round-up of wedding presents and unusual wedding gifts here.
It's unlikely you'll get cold feet but you might feel a bit edgy as the big day looms. Learn how to cope with wedding nerves here.
Want male grooming advice? We've got fitness tips and wedding diets to get you in shape.
We've come over all Cosmo with wedding sex tips and advice for you. Wondering how to pull at a wedding? Find out here.
Want to know why having two best men is wrong or how to have a best woman? Plus who would be the best celebrity best man?
Find stag-do companies, men's wedding suits and wedding suppliers from your area.
All the latest best man articles and stag do articles. Plus the latest wedding news.
We've got best men, grooms, brides and specialists blogging for us. Read their wedding blogs and nick their best ideas.
Fancy free entry into strip clubs? How about winning stag-dos, suits and booze?

If you’re the best man for a wedding, then this is the ultimate resource for you. A guide that can take you through all the necessary steps to do justice to your groom, create the perfect stag do ideas and write the best wedding speaches possible.

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