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Published on July 30th, 2009 | by Staggered


Sport-style celebrations for grooms: yes or no?

backflip groomThe bar for the modern groom is constantly being raised. This week the bar was not only raised but backflipped over without the aid of a safety mat by parkour enthusiast Pip Anderson, who got married in Somerset and whose scene-stealing tumble can be seen opposite.

You can just see the look on her face that says: “I always dreamed of this for my Big Day. The church, the wedding, the groom jumping around like a big idiot.”

So what feat of acrobatics should you perform to celebrate your new marriage? Anderson’s nifty somersault was certainly impressive. But what about the rest of us, who are, for example, over 18 and not inclined to spend our weekends risking life and limb jumping between rooftops?

Well, there’s always the memorable Peter Crouch robo dance; one of the few moves for which arthritic limbs are actually an advantage. Tennis fans might prefer the quiet, Tim Henman fist pump – if the bride’s family has any doubts about you, a Braveheart/Andy Murray roar might not go down so well. Steven Ireland’s  Superman pants are a nice, easy one to copy, and you could add a touch of romance by having the bride’s face printed on your boxers.

In these times of swine flu, however, Robbie Fowler’s line-snorting celebration is not such a great idea.

Will the trend catch on? Staggered invites your thoughts.

Brownie Points

  1. If you do have an unusual skill or hobby, e.g. you’re a member of a clown school, or in a band, it’s a great idea for the budget and atmosphere of the wedding to get your mates from that to help with the entertainment.
  2. That said, if the hobby is parkour/rugby/camel racing in Afghanistan, maybe take the month off beforehand. Black eyes, broken arms etc can be a real drag on the day, not to mention in the pictures.
  3. Those of you who are more inclined to the traditional ‘kiss the bride’ celebration, it’s good practice to agree on a format with the bride beforehand. There’s nothing worse than going for a full-on snog and arse-slap if she was planning a family-friendly peck.



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