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Published on January 21st, 2010 | by Staggered


Tips For Making The Honeymoon Special

Relationship expert Brenda Della Casa offers up some tips and tricks on how to make the honeymoon extra special. Not in that way you dirty dog. You need The O Coach’s blog for that…


Dear Brenda,

I am in charge of planning our honeymoon and want to know if you have any tips for making the trip extra-special.



Dear Hot Honeymoon,

While the wedding is all about celebrating your union with family and friends, the honeymoon is all about the two of you relaxing and enjoying one another’s company in oh-so-many ways. What many men might not realize is that this is their chance to shine. Show your new bride how lucky she is to have such a thoughtful and organized man by taking care of the small details.

Here are a few ideas:

Ask for an upgrade:Before you book the trip, call around and ask several hotels you are considering if they offer any extras for the newly married. Some hotels will upgrade your room while others offer champagne and chocolates upon arrival. NB: a copy of your marriage license may be required. If this is the case, fax it over and hand them a copy while your bride is away from the front desk.

Make The Plane Ride “First Class”: No, I am not suggesting you take out a second mortgage for seats in front of the plane but do give her a comfortable and romantic ride by making sure she isn’t stuck in a middle seat, bringing along a small blanket in the event she gets cold and having a glass of champagne served to her after she’s settled in (schedule this before getting onto the plane or on a bathroom break).

Surprise Her: Give the staff several small gifts to place in the room throughout your honeymoon. They don’t need to be extravagant to make an impact, nor should they be “daily”. Think a box of chocolates, some clothes, or sensual oil to use for…whatever you two see fit.

Keep Things in Perspective: It’s easy to forget that the Honeymoon is still real life and that means that if you are there 10 days, you might have a small spat. Instead of letting it ruin your trip (or even your day) suck it up, say you’re sorry and move on.

Be Organized: Schedule a car or cab to pick you up the day you are leaving and have passports, ID’s, Credit Cards and other essentials in one place. Make sure you have the address and phone number of the hotel on-hand and check to see if there is a shuttle or car service to take you from the airport to paradise.

Make a List, Check it Twice: Sit down with your fiancee and talk. Write down everything you need to take on your honeymoon so that you don’t forget anything in your post-wedding haze.

Do Your Research: Look up local attractions online, look for travelers’ favorite restaurants, places to shop, bars and tours.

Take Care of Your Bride and Your Business: If there are things you want to plan but can’t take care of until you are local, schedule a massage or spa appointment for your Mrs. so that she can relax while you run to the market, grab flowers or talk to the scuba instructor.

Most importantly, have a great time!


Brenda Della Casa



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