DUDE, we got given badges for stuff!


Top 100 Wedding Tweeter

Dude, people be talking us up n shit:

  • “Grooms-to-be shouldn’t get married without checking out this brilliant resource first.” Web User Magazine (they gave us 4 Throwing Stars Out of a Possible Five!) 
  • “If you’re getting married, this is the only site you’ll need.”
  • “Essential reading for all you grooms!”
  • “I love it because there is finally somewhere for blokes to go to get practical, yet lighthearted advice on the whole process that is getting married.” –
  • “The UK’s most read men’s wedding blog” – Brenda Della Casa
  • “Expert advice for grooms” – Brides Magazine [to be fair I think I wrote that - Ed]
  • “Dedicated to helping grooms, best men and fathers-of-the-bride cope…” – Taragana
  • “Gives men down-to-earth advice and information about everything wedding and marriage related” Fat Free Fitness
  • “The site provides some friendly advice on what to do from how to get engaged through to the ideal honeymoon location.” What’s Good On The Web
  • “You know when you’ve just got out of a refreshing evening shower and as you step into your room, your glistening skin reflects the moonlight and you pause for a moment and wonder what happened to your curtains – Staggered is like that” – [I think I might have written that too :) Ed] Edinburgh Brides Wedding Guide
  • “I am Staggered is a great blog for grooms-to-be and I wouldn’t be surprised if in 5 years instead of programmes like Bridezillas we’ll be watching Groomzillas.” Rock My Wedding
  • Advice for the men in your life {husband, ushers, father} on whether to buy or rent a suit for your big day thanks to the lovely boys over at I Am Staggered” Before the Big Day
  • “This site offers great tips strictly for men including how to write the perfect speech, how to solve that sunburn emergency when you wake up on your lawn after the bachelor party, and tons more. There are contests to win free champagne and other goodies and you can talk to real live husbands who have lived through their wedding planning instead of your best man who is constantly telling you to run away. Check it out!” Designer Stationery

And yes we made up the orphanage badge, but you can have one for your site if you want. But only if you’ve saved people from an orphanage.

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