Wedding Planning

A recent survey said that 85% of men involved with weddings were actually more organised than the bride, so don’t think you’re the only bloke out there getting involved with their wedding. We’ve put together a massive wedding planning guide to help you sort it all out.

- How to blag your way as a wedding planner in 5 minutes
- How to stay sane during the planning process.
- One bloggers' view on hiring a wedding planner.
- How to get married anywhere, anytime and for less money!
- Wedding dates to avoid
- Five alternatives to weddings.
- Have you considered a weekday wedding?
- Table naming for beginners
- Quick and simple wedding favours
- Wedding stationery decisions
- Why it doesn't matter if it rains.
Who does what? And when? And maybe even why.
Find all the best wedding suppliers from your area.
Everything you need to know about the wedding ceremony whether it's humanist, religious or civil.
Whether you're considering wedding loans or you're just looking for suggestions on cheap weddings you'll find it here.
Everything from cold feet to full on jitters in our section on wedding nerves.
Wedding wear including our ideas on wedding suits for men.
How to budget for your wedding flowers and the flowers to avoid at weddings.
Food, booze, cakes. Everything scran and wedding catering shaped.
Looking for ideas for wedding presents? Find some unusual wedding gifts here.
If you're looking for contemporary wedding photography and advice then this is for you.
Wedding transport and all those lovely classic wedding cars for you to choose from, as well as some weird alternatives.
Get some advice for the various men's wedding speeches, or maybe you fancy saying a few words yourself?
Want male grooming advice? We've got fitness tips and wedding diets to get you in shape.
Your reception might be a bit boring unless you book some wedding entertainment. Info on fireworks, bands, clowns...
We've come over all Cosmo with wedding sex tips and advice for your first night from our sexpert - she's an engineer you know.
For everything from proposal ideas to wedding rings and engagement parties.
Keep up-to-date with all the latest wedding news.
Want some top honeymoon ideas to dream about?
If you've exhausted all our resources and still need help, then get in touch via the contact form on the right, or calling us on 0844 310 4050.

If you’re currently facing the issue of wedding planning then you’re not alone! We’ve put together the mother and father of wedding planning resources which gang up to form a sort of ultimate wedding planning checklist to help you sort out your big day with the minimum of fuss.

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