Wedding Speeches – Help and Advice

When it comes to wedding speeches most men would rather have panthers gnaw off their thumbs than think about how they’re going to cope with writing and delivering heartfelt and engaging wedding speeches. That’s why we’ve put together a number of resources to help the best man, groom and father of the bride get their speeches in order. Whether its a bestman speech, groom speech, or father of the bride speech, we have got all the tips and advice to ensure your delivery will be remembered for all the right reasons!

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- Hire one of our Staggered Approved speechwriters and you get the perfect original speech or you don't pay.
- Wondering how to write your wedding speech? It's all here.
- Just don't use any of the the most cliched wedding speech jokes.
- Make your speech funny with help from columnist Dave Spikey.
- Our five part guide to being a confident public speaker.
- Grooms! FOTBS! Read this: What the bride wants to hear from your speeches.
- Need a gag for your speech, pick one of several thousand wedding jokes.
- Not enough? How about several thousand mother in law jokes?
- Need some schmaltz? Chuck in one of our Non-rubbish love quotations.
- Wedding speech etiquette explained.
- The five quickest ways to ruin a wedding speech.
- Deal with wedding speech hecklers.
- Should the bride make a speech?
- How honest should you be in your speech?
All the latest speech articles. Plus the latest wedding news.
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We've got best men, grooms, brides and specialists blogging for us. Read their wedding blogs and nick their best ideas.
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